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Monday, September 15, 2008

Hockey Log Extra

For the second consecutive season, the PC men’s hockey team will hold a Black-White intrasquad scrimmage the weekend prior to the start of their game schedule. The exhibition, again free of charge to the public, will commence at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, October 11, immediately preceding a women’s home game versus Colgate (4:00 face-off time).

Additionally, the PC alumni department has released an invitation to a Saturday, November 8 alumni game and reception that will precede the Friars 7:00 tangle with Notre Dame. For a $75 fee, any alumnus of the program may get hold of an alumni game jersey plus admission to the gathering in the Friends of Friar room.

Shifting to a different pond, specifically the celebrated Bacon Street Omni from a Massachusetts backyard, we want to take a moment to mourn the sudden passing of hockey writer Jack Falla, who suffered a reported fatal heart attack at the age of 64 Sunday morning. Almost precisely three years ago, this author had the honor of e-mailing Falla shortly after he had published a guest piece in USA Hockey Magazine conveying ten tips to fast-track on a journalism career. When I simply asked him for further advice, he replied “Keep your head up in neutral ice, because in journalism –as in hockey- no ice is truly neutral.”

Falla, best known for the 2000 narrative -Home Ice- on his famed do-it-yourself rink, also nobly and resolutely stood up for the clean persona hockey has always struggled to tug on. A key passage in another book of his: “Hockey will always be a contact sport, but it need not be a violent sport…In the movies, on television, and in some sports pages, people often see hockey players depicted as brawling goons quick to drop their sticks and put up their fists. The reality is that hockey is a swift, fluid, and beautiful game when it is played –as it generally is- within the spirit of its rules.”

Amen: so concise, yet cultured and gripping. Thanks for everything, Jack.

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